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This may not satisfy those waiting for more of the same, but Soderbergh was not enough of a creator to play it safe. Magic Mike Live Born From the Films- comes as a cute female variant worthy of a stripper. With nothing tying him to his hometown of Miami, Mike seizes the opportunity and is almost immediately transferred to England with a private jet. But before the film reaches its climax, it settles into the comfortable, silky gutter of Ratigan's, a luxurious theater Max has acquired through an ongoing matrimonial settlement. Max hires Mike to reshape the 19th century asphyxiation play with a modern expression of feminist escape, fun, and freedom, playing himself the director rather than the protagonist. Keep the obsession going! Read more at The Daily Beast. Get the biggest daily beast bass and scandal in your inbox. Subscribe now. Stay awake and earn unlimited access to The Daily Beast's unparalleled reporting. Subscribe now. Director Steven Soderbergh discusses his interest in sexy on-screen sex scenes for the release of his latest film, "Magic Mike's Last Dance." The actor-twins discuss what they learned from each other on their last joint movie shoot. Reviews are ready for Magic Mike's Last Dance. It's the third part of the Channing Tatum stripper series, and what do the critics say? From Parfums de Marie to Chill House.