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This is a list of places where social nudity is practiced in North America for leisure. This list includes nudist beaches and private resorts that deserve attention. This list also includes places where female nudity is permitted in jurisdictions where it is normally prohibited. Naked swimming on the beach is illegal for Anguilla. There are no official nudist beaches in Belize, although Belize residents do not particularly condemn nudity. However, there are dozens of abandoned islands with beaches ideal for nude sunbathing. British Columbia has thousands of kilometers of coastline, thousands of lakes, and millions of hectares of natural parks and unused land. The overwhelming majority of these areas are mostly uninhabited and open to naked swimming and sunbathing. Residential areas, especially the lower Cholla, wider Victoria and the Okanagan, are usually only practiced on beaches and private property, usually only at certain established or isolated sites. All areas of Ontario allow both men and women to be nude in public unless specifically defined by municipal or city regulations. While there are no officially recognized nudist beaches in the province, there are six points of nudity areas.

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Britney Spears revealed to Instagram fans that she once visited a plastic surgeon and considered plastic breast implants Paula Abdul's boobs after losing weight, but did not go ahead with the surgery after reporting her office staff Share her thoughts on plastic surgery, weight loss, and cosmetic standards. Hollywood posted in a lengthy post on Instagram. This has now been deleted. The singer explained that in the past she considered going under the knife for breast growth. After researching what other celebrities have done for "small boobs" Britney decided to contact a plastic surgeon to help her enhance her breast size. The singer of course wanted to keep the consultation private, so when she arrived at the surgeon's office she got a back entrance. It was then that things went wrong. The world superstar recalled that she climbed eight flights of stairs and said, "They want you dead before you get there. As soon as she arrived at the surgeon's office she realized with horror that the door was locked and there was no staff to meet. She: "He was not there for him to enter us. After Paula Abdul Chit spent more than 15 minutes there, Paula Abdul Chit decided to leave. After her bad experience, the "Womanizer" singer returned home and Paula Abdul Chitt posted an online article about celebrity facials. This one sat badly on the spear.