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I am the hottest wife in Skyrim and had a hard time finding cool mods wives for my characters and who liked it. However, given the effort I put into this research, I thought why not share it with you kind Skyrim fans? Thus, this list covers all of my personal favorite mods regarding relationships, weddings, and family time in Tes Skyrim. In any case, check out all the characters and try the ones you like the most. Some of them are totally vocal! Check out this mod. What looks like a world where nodes are meant to look like they used to. But don't worry - modders are not the most moral people on the planet looking at you, but strange mod makers.Avrusa Sarethi is a pretty interesting character, but many players don't want to marry her. However, this mod gives Skyrim's hottest wife a quick makeover, making this farm woman a more desirable spouse, changing her appearance and transforming Skyrim's hottest wife. Even as a game friendly companion. So I gave up and installed this sucker.

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